Serbian Royal and Imperial Dynasty Nemanjić

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Author: Tatjana Ćosović

ISBN: 978-86-7396-202-3 (SK)

Dimensions: 14.5x20.5cm, 112 pages

Cover: hardcover

Price: 1100

This short guide to the most glorious period of the Serbian medieval state – the rule of the Nemanjić dynasty (1168–1371), contains an outline of historical and cultural circumstances in the medieval  Serbia. The Nemanjić rulers made Serbia an independent kingdom and empire, established the autocephalous Serbian church, wrote the first literary works, were the first legislators and generous endowers of the most splendid monasteries of medieval Europe.


The efforts that the Nemanjić rules built into the Serbian state and church led to the creation of authentic Serbian Orthodox tradition that helped the Serbs preserve their culture and spirituality during the three and a half centuries of Ottoman domination. The cult of the Nemanjić kings and emperors, the majority of whom were canonised, has become an intrinsic element of Serbian Orthodox identity.


The book contains an overview and pictures of all medieval monasteries inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as a selection of the most beautiful frescoes of Serbian monasteries that provide an invaluable insight into the character of Serbian medieval society.


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Kњи­га Ser­bian Royal and Im­pe­rial Dynasty Ne­ma­njić са­др­жи пор­тре­те свих де­сет вла­да­ра из ди­на­сти­је Не­ма­њи­ћа пре­глед исто­риј­ских и кул­тур­них при­ли­ка у сред­њо­ве­ков­ној Ср­би­ји, као и по­се­бан осврт на зна­чај и сло­же­ност од­но­са срп­ског дво­ра с дру­гим европ­ским зе­мља­ма.


Уз жи­во­то­пи­се вла­да­ра, да­ти су по­себ­ни ин­фор­ма­тив­ни одељ­ци о нај­зна­чај­ни­јим не­ма­њић­ким за­ду­жби­на­ма, а до­бро осми­шље­ним из­бо­ром фо­то­гра­фи­ја фре­са­ка и пор­тре­та (у ко­лор­ној штам­пи) па­жљи­во су пот­кре­пље­ни исто­риј­ски по­да­ци. Увр­ште­не су и фо­то­гра­фи­је свих ма­на­сти­ра упи­са­них у Уне­сков спи­сак Свет­ске ба­шти­не, та­ко да об­ја­вље­ни илу­стра­ци­о­ни при­ло­зи на нај­бо­љи на­чин све­до­че о ле­по­ти срп­ског сред­њег ве­ка, а књи­гу чи­не бо­га­ти­јом и за­ни­мљи­ви­јом.