Dinko Davidov

Din­ko Da­vi­dov was born in Si­vac (Bač­ka, Ser­bia) in 1930. He spent his child­hood and ele­men­tary-school years in the ne­arby vil­la­ge of Sta­par. He at­ten­ded gram­mar school and the Fa­culty of Phi­lo­sophy in Bel­gra­de whe­re he gra­du­a­ted from the Art Hi­story De­part­ment. He ear­ned a PhD de­gree at the Fa­culty of Phi­lo­sophy in Lju­blja­na (Slo­ve­nia).


From 1965 to 1978, he wor­ked as a cu­ra­tor at the Ma­ti­ca Srp­ska Gal­lery in No­vi Sad. From 1979, he was em­ployed as a sci­en­ti­fic advi­ser at the In­sti­tu­te for Bal­kan Stu­di­es of the Ser­bian Aca­demy of Sci­en­ces and Arts. In 2000, he was elec­ted a cor­re­spon­ding mem­ber of the Ser­bian Aca­demy of Sci­en­ces and Arts and be­ca­me its re­gu­lar mem­ber in 2006. From 2001 to 2009, he was di­rec­tor of the Aca­demy’s Gal­lery.


Du­ring his work at the Ma­ti­ca Srp­ska Gal­lery, Da­vi­dov ex­plo­red Ser­bian art from the 17th to 19th cen­tu­ri­es, no­tably chur­ches and mo­na­ste­ri­es of the Ser­bian Ort­ho­dox Epar­chi­es of Bu­da and Ti­mi­so­a­ra. He pre­pa­red the fol­lo­wing ex­hi­bi­ti­ons: Icons of Ser­bian Chur­ches in Hun­gary (pre­sen­ted at the Ma­ti­ca Srp­ska Gal­lery), Icons of Ser­bian Zo­grafs of the 18th Cen­tury (pre­sen­ted in the Gal­lery of the Ser­bian Sci­en­ces and Arts), Old Ser­bian Grap­hics (pre­sen­ted in Za­greb and in an ex­ten­ded form in the Sta­te Her­mi­ta­ge Mu­se­um in St Pe­ters­burg). Da­vi­dov al­so wro­te the bo­ok ti­tled Iko­ne srp­skih cr­ka­va u Ma­đar­skoj (Icons of Ser­bian Chur­ches in Hun­gary), de­scri­bing the hit­her­to unk­nown 190 icons of the 17th and 19th cen­tu­ri­es, kept at the Mu­se­um of the Eparchy of Bu­da in Szen­ten­dre and vil­la­ge and town chur­ches.


In ad­di­tion to the ico­no­graphy of Ser­bian zo­grafs of the 18th cen­tury, Da­vi­dov al­so ex­plo­red Ser­bian grap­hics, par­ti­cu­larly of the 18th cen­tury. His se­mi­nal work in this fi­eld is Srp­ska gra­fi­ka VI­II ve­ka (Ser­bian Grap­hics of the 18th Cen­tury), pu­blis­hed in 1978 by Ma­ti­ca Srp­ska. He al­so re­cor­ded and col­lec­ted cop­per­pla­tes, which we­re com­pi­led in­to the cor­pus ti­tled Ser­bian Cop­per­pla­tes of the 18th Cen­tury – Chal­co­grap­hic Im­prints from Aut­hen­tic Ar­tists’ Pla­tes. Ma­ti­ca Srp­ska pu­blis­hed the cor­pus in a li­mi­ted print run of 35 sets. A spe­cial, ac­com­panying pu­bli­ca­tion with a ca­ta­lo­gue was pu­blis­hed in Ser­bian and Ger­man, ti­tled – Ser­bische Kup­fer­stic­he des 18 Ja­hr­hun­derts.


Da­vi­dov was ar­dent sup­por­ter of the re­sto­ra­tion of Fru­ška go­ra mo­na­ste­ri­es which suf­fe­red lar­ge-sca­le de­struc­tion by the Cro­a­tian Usta­ša in the Se­cond World War. He held many lec­tu­res on this to­pic, wro­te ar­tic­les and sce­na­ri­os for do­cu­men­ta­ri­es which we­re cen­so­red. He pu­blis­hed the bo­ok Ogre­še­nja (Tran­sgres­si­ons), con­ta­i­ning do­cu­men­tary re­cords abo­ut the Usta­ša de­struc­tion of Fru­ška go­ra mo­na­ste­ri­es.


At the In­sti­tu­te for Bal­kan Stu­di­es, Da­vi­dov led the pro­ject Com­mon and Spe­ci­fic in Ar­ti­stic Ex­pres­si­on of the Bal­kan Pe­o­ples from the 17th to 19th Cen­tury. At the In­sti­tu­te, he or­ga­ni­sed three con­fe­ren­ces and edi­ted the con­fe­ren­ce pro­ce­e­dings: Ser­bian Grap­hics of the 18th Cen­tury (1986), Mo­na­stery Ši­ša­to­vac (1989) and Post-Byzan­ti­ne Art in the Bal­kans (2003). He re­gu­larly pu­blis­hed stu­di­es on Ser­bian art cul­tu­re of the 18th cen­tury in the year­bo­ok Bal­ca­ni­ca. In the ju­bi­lee year of the Gre­at Mi­gra­tion of Serbs (1690–1990), he pu­blis­hed a vo­lu­mi­no­us bo­ok Spo­me­ni­ci Bu­dim­ske Epar­hi­je (Mo­nu­ments of the Bu­da Eparchy).


Du­ring his di­rec­tor­ship, the Gal­lery of the Ser­bian Aca­demy of Sci­en­ces and Arts mo­un­ted forty ex­hi­bi­ti­ons with ac­com­panying ca­ta­lo­gu­es, of which Da­vi­dov edi­ted twenty fo­ur. He aut­ho­red the ex­hi­bi­ti­on Grap­hics of the Holy Mo­un­tain and the ca­ta­lo­gue, as well as the ex­hi­bi­ti­on Va­lu­a­bles of the Me­tro­po­li­ta­na­te of Kar­lov­ci. He edi­ted Sen­tan­drej­ski zbor­nik SA­NU (Szen­ten­dre Col­lec­tion of the Ser­bian Aca­demy of Sci­en­ces and Arts).


His ot­her bo­oks in­clu­de: Zna­me­nja se­o­ba (Omens of Mi­gra­ti­ons), Pa­ru­si­ja (Pa­ro­u­sia), Stu­di­je o srp­skoj umet­no­sti XVI­II ve­ka (Stu­di­es on Ser­bian Art of the 18th Cen­tury), Sr­bi i Je­ru­sa­lim (Serbs and Je­ru­sa­lem), Gor­nja ze­mlja (Up­per Land), Sen­tan­dre­ja srp­ske po­ve­sni­ce (Szen­ten­dre of Ser­bian Hi­story), To­tal­ni ge­no­cid – Ne­za­vi­sna Dr­ža­va Hr­vat­ska (Ser­bian edi­tion) and In­de­pen­dent Sta­te of Cro­a­tia – To­tal Ge­no­ci­de, 1941–1945 (En­glish edi­tion).


Da­vi­dov’s bi­bli­o­graphy con­ta­ins mo­re than 200 en­tri­es.